Anonymous asked:

Just curious as to why you don't think her ongoing court case is reason enough to sit Hope Solo. I'm comparing her to Adrian Peterson whose own court case is ongoing (no convictions/trial yet). In both cases, physical injuries to other party. I'd also say that given her the captain's armband sends the wrong message in light of current events RE: domestic violence...

My point is we shouldn’t even have to bring the court case into it.  Games like this should be a development opportunity.  That’s not how USSF works in either case. They put the captain’s armband on her, they’ll celebrate the shut-out record, and Naeher doesn’t even dress.  Every thing is status quo, always.  

As for Hope, thrace- said things better on that front than I will.

(Notably, Adrian Peterson has straight up said that he disciplined his son and does not view it as abuse, a thought he doesn’t seem to share with anyone else except for people on Fox News.  Hope Solo has pled not guilty and maintained she was attacked herself.  It’s not a 1-to-1 comparison.  Nothing will be.)